Examination of tall the classes will be conducted in the months of July/September/December and March.


Attendance on the fist day of the school after vacations is absolutely essential.

Rules of Discipline

Long absence from school, disrespect to teachers and indiscipline may lead to the expulsion of the student.

Payment of Fees

Fees can be deposited on any working day during school timings. Fees should be deposited by 7th of the month.

       Welcome to Dashmesh Public Sen. Sr. School, Nathana        Admission open for session 2020-2021

About School

School History

Dasmesh School came into being in 1983 with a 100 students only up to primary standard. The school went on processing continuously by dint of hard work, for sightedness, progressive endeavors sane and serious thinking of the management.


" Dasmesh Public Senior Sec. School aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future."

Best Lab

A Science lab is a workplace for the conduct of scientific research. It helps students to remember the concepts better. It helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations.


" To fulfill the vision, Our School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential."

Curriculum & Learning System

The curriculum for the Junior Wing has been designed to achieve a balance between the academics and extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of children.



By this time the school was considered one of the best schools in the city. And by the advent of 1988, it attained the position of High School and earned a great name and fame in the field of education. Most of the students had achieved meritorious positions in the field of education.

Our School


School Climate

  • Positive Teacher Attitude
  • Order and Discipline
  • Values and Standards

Supporting Inputs

  • Strong Parent and Community Support
  • Adequate Material Support
  • Effective Support from the Education System

Student Outcomes

  • Participation
  • Academic Achievement
  • Social Skills

Teaching and Learning

  • High Learning Time
  • Varieties in Teaching Strategies
  • Frequent Homework