• Students must be punctual.
  • No student will remain absent from class without teacher's prior permission. If a students is unable to take prior permission due to illness of some other reason, then an application signed by parents/guardian must be submitted on the same day.
  • Attendance on the fist day of the school after vacations is absolutely essential. Pupils who do not join the school on the 1st day will be marked absent for nest 5 days.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the schoolearly unless parents/guardians present a written note to the Principal's office.
  • Leave application should be addressed to the Principal.
  • The Principal on continuous absence from the school will take strict action against the students.
  • Students's attendance should be 85% of the total attendance of the year. If the attendance is less than this then he/she will not be
  • promoted to the next higher class. Parents must take care of their ward's attendance.
  • The name of a student will be struck off on account of his/her absence without leave for ten consecutive days. His/her re-admission entirely depends upon the discretion of the Principal.